It all started in 2006 with a dilapidated stone farmhouse in the heart of Italy. We rebuilt it stone by stone, beam by beam, with all the passion and heart of first-time second-home owners. We knew we’d rent it as a vacation home, so others could enjoy it when we were not there, but we were not prepared for the fulfillment that sharing our vision with others would bring. A few years and several properties later, we are still building on that vision--stone by stone, sacrificing none of the passion--to bring discerning and like- minded travelers a collection of inspired vacation homes in Italy and Mexico. Luci di Casa, which means “homelights” in Italian, is a collection of stunning properties in unique locations with an emphasys on history, beautiful design, comfort and impeccable service from our staff. Each property is self-catered for your privacy, but we will personally help you plan your dream vacation at each one with services that will enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the area and local culture. The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy your stay to the fullest. As our guests, we know you will.